What is an assessment exemption and who is eligible for one?

What is assessment immunity and
Who is eligible for whom?

Many changes around housing assessment Happened recently. Some have come in response to the challenges posed by Cove-19. Others were deployed before our current virus challenges.

In this article, I will only point out the changes that have been made in the assessment requirements and options. To reform the traditional debt. Are below What is meant by “diagnostic options” in this case.

First, before the process, it should be noted: No two loans (or borrowers) are the same, so no gaps can be created or any situation or assessment requirements can be covered in each transaction. Each scenario must be considered individually and individually.

To simplify things a bit, moving forward I will only refer to traditional loans that are settled, sold, and guaranteed. Fannie Mae Or Freddie Mac. (Originally these guidelines were good in loan applications between May 20, 2020, but recently they were extended to June 30, 2020.)

Exactly Custom loans Can get a “diagnosis exemption” … when the property price (To buy(Or estimated value)د in Ref ﺎ …. .و. for saw) … found acceptable, and in a wide range of values ​​in the database, for this property.

Notices on Automatic writing Can allow for loan approval and success without the appraisal being conducted. Please note, however, that only a small percentage of borrowers with an income of less than 20 receive this “assessment exemption”.

The deals that do no Get an assessment exemption Of the automated written systems, some require physical evaluation.

This assessment can be:

  • Desktop Review (There is no inspection)
  • External evaluation only (No need to enter the house)
  • A traditional assessment

The next question is clear …

"When do different types of assessments apply?"

Purchase – Up to 97% of the original residence value of the loan, allows the following conditions:
1. Custom evaluation – (Full report, evaluators, inspections)
2. Desktop evaluation – The appraiser does not search the house. The assessor fills out a quality assessment form in favor of public records, multiple listing service (MLS) information, and online / third-party resources to help identify property properties.
3. External evaluation only – The name speaks for itself too. This assessment report will be the minimum attacker carried out without the diagnostic personal inspection.

Note: Mortgage lenders can face an audit when

When accepting a “less than” full custom assessment report
Sale of debt in the secondary market. So expect lenders to be cautious in this regard.

Free transfer of money – original residence, allows the following conditions:

1. or diagnostic immunity (There is no need) Or traditional assessment is necessary … in most cases.

The following types of property are eligible to use the assessment exemption:

  • Family units, If they are separated into single-family dwellings, suburban settlements, or syndromes, are eligible for property assessment.
  • Investment Properties (Meet the above criteria) Can also get a valuation waiver from a low loan to a value percentage
  • Second houses Are also eligible for assessment immunity If they meet the above mentioned criteria

in thece again, the above are just instructions, And private mortgage lenders may be cautious and cautious about their own demands regarding valuation.

The weak message, however, is this … the mortgage industry is trying very hard to provide some flexibility during the unpredictable times we are currently facing. Staying responsive to the needs of borrowers is a positive and primary focus and is guaranteed especially during this challenging time.

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The county will announce property tax exemptions – 2020

Will announce the county
Property Tax Exemption Measures – 2020

U.S. property owners, including in the Chicago Land area, are currently facing real financial pressures …


One reason is … iReal estate tax time in most parts of America.

In many parts of our nation, property taxes are now being paid and the first installment of tax payments is being paid. Because of the future.

This is especially true in the Chicago metropolitan area.

In Chicago's Southland, property taxes will be levied Posted on May 20, 2020 and posted online. Will the first installment of the County Property Owners Tax come soon for payment … on June 3, 2020.

But as I mentioned above, what is happening now is paying off taxes this year – especially challenging for many. Job losses, unemployment, low incomes, and health issues handed down by the COVID-19 virus all contribute to those current challenges.

Most of our local Chicagoland-area governments You are looking for ways to meet these challenges. They are trying to find ways to provide much-needed assistance to residents and property owners within their boundaries.

This is really true The county will. On Thursday, May 21, the Will County Board Measures have been approved and approved to provide financial assistance to Valley County property owners in meeting their 2019 tax installment liability obligations.

The following payment schedule was approved at this county board meeting:

* The first installment 50 is due June 3, 2020

* The first installment 50 is on August 3, 2020

* The second installment 50 is on September 3, 2020

* The second installment of 50 is on November 3, 2020

Note: Any paid balance remaining after August 3rd and November 3rd will receive benefits.

To simplify tax payments, the county will be able to make payments through any of the following methods:

  • Lender Tax Coal Payments: (Check with your mortgage service provider for more information. Note: Homeowners who are mortgaged through Oscar accounts and with taxes will see little or no change in the tax payment schedule.)
  • Banks: For list (And locations) Click on the banks collected on behalf of the county over here
  • Online Payment: Click over here For this link
  • By mail: Send Payment (s) to Will County Treasurer, 302 N. Chicago Street, Juliet, IL 60432
  • Dropbox Payment: 2 drop boxes are located in the county building: 302 St. Chicago, Juliet

# 1 Located in the parking lot as a driving facility / service
# 2 Located in the Counting Building

If you have any questions about paying your taxes / tax installments, Please contact the Will County Treasurer's Office at 815.740.4675.

You can also email the Treasurer's Office as follows: Treasurer @ willcountyillinois.com

The issue of property taxes is vital As taxes play an important role in the transfer of property. For anyone considering buying a property, property taxes play a huge part in the “eligibility” factor of property, especially when the property is financed.

Because of this fact, I have written articles on the subject many times … especially as they relate to Volta County residences and property. Below are some links to this article.

I hope this article provides some insight into the tax issue and provides a better understanding of how Will County properties are assessed and how taxes are estimated and paid.
  • County tax: escrow, new construction, assessment

  • Love your new building … but learn about future tax bills
  • Property Tax: What, where, how, why
  • I received a new appraisal of the property. what do I do?

Have questions How can a property tax on property affect your purchasing power?

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Steps you can take to protect your financial health and credit during COVID-19

The steps you can take to protect yourself
Financial health Credits during COVID-19

Your physical health and mental well-being should always be an important focus. The serious challenges posed by the current COVID-19 crisis are even more real.

But it’s not just your physical and mental health that should remain a concern. of you Mali Health is also important.

COVID-19 delivered Some severe financial health challenges to the doorsteps of many Americans. These include job losses, job opportunities, vacations, low pay (and more) Which has caused real damage.

The amount of hand washing or wearing masks does not protect you Mali Health. This must be done in other ways.

So what steps can you take to protect yourself or get back on track for better health when it comes to your credit, credit scores, and financial issues?

First, evaluate your financial situation and health. Drag your credit report So you know your current financial reality. Knowing the facts is important. It is also important to know that your credit report is accurate and your accounts are properly reported.

But one check is not enough …

Continue to monitor your credit regularly. Be sure to monitor for identity theft at this time, as this type of fraud is on the rise during this crisis.

When it comes to credit health and credit scores, there is a “shock order” of value when it comes to debt repayment. This importance depends on whether we are in debt Not safe or secure Debt securities obligations must first be identified.

If you have a mortgage (Secured loan) And you know that you will not be able to pay your monthly mortgage (s), contact the mortgage borrower immediately. Act out Actively About your mortgage payments.

It is important to understand:

  1. You should not wait until you have already lost the payment to negotiate with your lender.
  2. That you are not relieved of debt obligations by the actions you take
  3. There is good news. It is possible that there are mortgage solutions or accommodations that may be helpful to you during this difficult time.
  4. The sooner you take action, the better. (Read my article, "Who, what, when, where and how tolerates Garte's tolerance"For additional insights and guidance on available options).

It is important to understand …

Recently passed Law of Care Require lenders / creditors to report accounts where payments have been applied to the same credit bureau as "current" … But the account must be current when the accommodation was placed.

So I emphasize this point again … don't wait to take action.

The same advice applies To Automatic loans, Also a secured loan. Immediately go to your car loan provider to see what options are available to you as an option for monthly auto payments / financial assistance.

It should be noted: The care law also provides some options of assistance to those people Federal Student loans. Your student loan depends on the service provider, so contact ASAP to find out what kind of help or assistance may be available to you.

Contacts (Insecure) Service providers, such as gas and electricity providers, cable, seals, and so on., Is great if you know you won't be able to pay your monthly bills / obligations. Some providers offer financial aid measures, others do not.

Don't hesitate to ask if:

  • Your payment may be reduced
  • There are flexible payment plans
  • Other payment options are available to you

Providers are more likely to work Actively.

Your payment history During this time your credit scores are vital in status / formation FICO scores rely heavily In them while you may save some damage for your score while facing COVID-19 challenges, the damage may be limited or minimized, so you should take action to protect it.

Currently, the help and assistance options created by the Care Act are available for a limited time. Staying in education and opportunities as possible changes d Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB) Coronavirus / COVID-19 data.

It can't be pressured enough: If you want to limit the potential financial / credit impact you face as a result of the current COVID-19 challenges, take immediate action to do so. This is where you can provide yourself with the most comfortable and financial security possible … and the method by which your credit score will be least affected.

Talk to you soon. Stay in touch with your lender and all service providers throughout the financial challenges you face.

Your financial health, both in the short and long term, will be great for this …

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Summer time is here! Do you have an emergency kit for your pet?

Summer time is here! do you have
An emergency kit for your pet?

Summer time …

It refers to the memories and thoughts of the late Barbie and family and friends enjoying hot nights on decks and patches. You can feel the summer and icy water near the lawn sprinklers and swimming pools. Eat ice-cold drinks.

Summer time is "fun in the sun" and "great memories in flip flops" …

But summer time can also be Natural disasters season …

Hurricanes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires … they usually turn their ugly heads during the warmer months.

In the last few months, Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the need for emergency planning became apparent to Americans. The crisis highlighted the urgent need for emergency planning and preparedness.

None of us have reacted to the crisis and stored up on things we know are essential for ourselves and our relatives?

If it's toilet paper, Bottled water, handicrafts, food, medicine or anything else, we have implemented our “emergency plans” and prepared for the possibility of shortage. We have provided and are facing the possibility that access to stores and goods may be limited … and our ability to exit and purchase goods may also be limited.

But humans are not the only ones facing this crisis. Our pets deal with them according to us. Our abusive friends face physical dangers and consequently dangers as well. But generally, if the situation is not safe for us, it is not safe for them either.

It's June National Pet Readiness Month … and this is the right time to prepare an emergency / disaster kit for animals. Pre-planning and preparedness can save their lives if a disaster strikes.

So what should your pet emergency / disaster kit have?

First, create and activate a Animal evacuation plan. Pro actively find out what options are available for animal-friendly shelters near you, both if you keep your animals with you or if you are unable to do so.

As part of your plan, you should have a notice / sticker in front of your house or inside the house to warn you of everything that is available in the house.

If you are unable to accommodate your pet, the following may be an option to meet your needs:

  • Veterinary Offices
  • Board facilities
  • Animal Shelter
  • Friendly hotels for pets
  • Close friends or relatives (They can be very helpful if you are away when disaster strikes)

Second, keep your pet's health records Near – by hand. Most shelters will require you to provide evidence of recent vaccinations / shots, urgent or not. It is also wise to allow care for your pets, if you cannot afford to see them for care or medical decisions.

The following items are recommended for your emergency kit:

  • A (at least) 10 days supply of pet food for each animal
  • Nutrition guidelines for domestic animals
  • Food / water bags
  • 10 days bottled water for each animal
  • Animal First Aid Kit
  • Evidence of recent shots / vaccines / bad results and more.
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drugs
  • Their veterinary contact information
  • Photos of your animals (pictures)
  • Pet bags, blankets, hats
  • Animal game
  • Extra pants and collars
  • If a cat, include litter bags and litter for at least 10 days.
  • Disposal bags are required for cleaning purposes
  • Paper packets
  • A flashlight with a good battery
  • Grooming items
  • A small bottle of bleach
  • Small delivery of cleaning supplies
  • Copy of Municipal Animal RegisterIf applicable)
  • If microchiped, include microchip information
  • Your / owner's contact information
  • Comfort items chosen by your pet

June and National Pet Readiness Month
Celebrating provides us with appropriate reminders to act. Take this opportunity to plan a displacement plan for your pet and collect an emergency kit. That way you are always prepared for a natural disaster or emergency.

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What to do when your flight is canceled or delayed.

As a new virus outbreak in Wuhan China is currently on the rise, the city of Wuhan has been shut down to prevent human transmission of the virus. To prevent human infection and transmission, people are required to wear a face mask, an anti-inflammatory. Airlines follow strict rules by using thermal scanners with each passenger and make sure that any passengers who have signs of the virus are not allowed to come and go as it will be spread to the general public. To prevent this, some airlines fly to and from cities to prevent the virus from spreading easily. Symptoms include cough, fever and some serious human illnesses that lead to death.

Like some schools in the Philippines, it starts today because it is closed because there are students coming from China. No cases of the virus have been found in the Philippines. There have been cases of cough and cold, fever, but it is not serious, and was not negative in the said infection.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Department of Health reaches out to 13 observers in the Philippines to check for vital signs, but all negative results from the provided sample. But the airlines are still operating, and some flights have been canceled.

As a traveler, be aware of travel advice from different countries, so the experience of each trip will not be affected.

It is also a way to protect your health, preferably delaying it if there is advice from government agencies. It is important to keep it fresh while traveling. Many airlines are returning from canceled flights due to accidents. You have the option to request a refund or keep it as a credit for the next flight within one year from the first flight repair.

It's mine Travel Guides For this unexpected scenario. What are your options when your flight is canceled?

1. First, you need to contact your airline because you need to return or send it to a new date.

You have only requested a new flight date, if only when you are sure of the next flight date. From where you work, you need to be sure if a date is available for you to travel.

2. Check with the hotel booking, because on foreign trips, then you book the hotel or accommodation for your stay. This means you need it too because you don’t want to lose your money.

3. Check your Transportation Travel Reservoir, if you have also received a ticket, try to get the information as soon as possible and cancel it. Because it will also cost you money when you continue your journey.

4. Try to be positive, why did this happen? It’s also a good idea to get the latest updates, and not be unaware of it. This is an important guide when you travel.

5. When you cancel your trip, try to think of an option. In addition to foreign travel, you have the option of walking nearby. Traveling from place to place is an opportunity to see new places, cultures, food, and activities in the places you want to go. In short, it depends on your travel options and you decide what you want.

You can stay at home or go to any place in your area that is interesting and completes whatever you want.

When the flight was delayed, oh, I was in this state. It is not the passenger’s fault. It is beyond the passenger’s sleep to delay the flight. Since then and since then, I have been calculating the clock space while having a lever. But one time I got a delayed flight and it also affected my next return flight.

Violations of flight delays:

1. Flight to original flight ticket. Based on personal experience. I got a flight from Holland to Dubai Intel Airport, flight to Serbia, and landed on the issue of flight delays but they handled the situation properly. And I didn’t like the scene but it was a great experience, so I started liking it. Since then, I have had another flight from Serbia to Italy, Rome. Yes, you really are Traveling to Europe. Your unforgettable experience, maybe?

What will I do during this 15 (15) hour transfer? There is a solution here, try to get out of it Transfer to Venice And photos of his High quality photos Camera
Who has benefited from this, except someone other than you. As much as possible, always make it an unforgettable trip.

2. Enjoy free access to the airport lounge for this type of scenario. Because of the situation, airport companies make sure that your experience is not obscure and that it should be worth the experience. Thank you for your patience and support though.

3. Enjoy free access to the Business Lounge, with delicious food provided in the Business Club Lounge. You will forget your failure experience. But it is worth more than what you paid for the original flight tickets.

Be aware of these scenarios when you travel. With my additional instructions, Always bring your favorite book while traveling.
Or if you want to buy a nap in the lounge you can, but please set your alarm clock. Since you are traveling alone, you need to be aware of and be aware of your chosen future departure.

Trade with your preferred choice, with your budget

Travel within your budget with your own choices

Travel Guides

Traveling will be an exciting part of your life. Visibility

And to another place will be Sirat, a different country

Once you have the plan be unacceptable and not permanent. If you

Wanted to travel from Cebu, or even abroad,

There are many options available to you to save your budget. It is

A few travel tips if you plan to visit Hong Kong,

Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on

Asian countries you want to visit, you can book a flight

Or by CEBU Pacific Pacific, Philippine Airlines.

Once you book online for tickets to Asia

Countries, you can really buy it at a lower price

Promo rental. Be aware that many people are watching for it

Promo fares exclusively for CEBU PACIFIC flights. They

Have annual rent, for example:

More recently they have rented the P82.50, and returned the P82.50

Travel Anyway, keep in mind that there are accusations that you are still making

Must pay.

So if you book for a round trip ticket, let’s say from Cebu

To Hong Kong or Singapore: Here is your ultimate guide on the journey

Basic Rent: PHP 165.00

YQ: PHP 1,309.50

Air passenger departure tax: PHP 668.78

Q: PHP 183.91

Web Admin Fee: PHP 160.00

Computer: PHP 0.00

Total: PHP 2,487.19

So if you have a bag then you will pay extra cost

BAG15: PHP 350.00

It looks very cheap. Plus, not only that, you can

Secure your hotel accommodation if you book early. Take it

Remember my travel guides so you can choose the best one

Accommodation while you are on vacation. You can too

Pay by credit card, or over the counter

Banks specified. You can visit www.cebupacificair.com

Or to the Philippine Airlines website.

Lots of hostels, guesthouses, hotel accommodations that you have

The book can. This will be your guide and guide for your next trip.

You can see below:

1. Pay Agoda.com – Accept payments, and credit cards

2. Hostlin. com- Accept credit cards, money brokers

3. Hostel Wald. com- Accept credit cards

4. Hostel Club. com – Accept credit cards and debit cards

With Visa and MasterCard logos

5. You can contact guest houses directly

Know that this is good.

These websites accept credit cards, and they have the option

Or you will book in advance and the payment will be included

The time of your arrival at the appointed place. Therefore, you

Can choose multiple options. Make sure you have enough budget

To cover costs. Just had a ticket and a hotel

Residence will not be a guarantee of obtaining a license

In addition to immigration officers, don’t forget this

Travel guides, make sure you have enough funds and

That immigration officers will be able to make that decision

You are fine

Take your trip anywhere you want.

Delayed Travel Cancellations and Delays

Travel delays and flight cancellations

How do you feel if your flight is delayed or rescheduled? That's not a good sign, though. As a traveler, it really affects your schedule. This delay is considered a flight when it is 15 minutes later than its scheduled time. I have experienced this twice in my travel / travel.

Some countries have different regulations on return delays or cancellations of flights and payments to passengers.

In Europe it is said that if the flight is delayed for three hours, cancellation and cancellation of the flight the passengers have the right to receive compensation from the airport from € 250 to € 600 per passenger. This is one of the most important things you should know when traveling Travel Guides. Such a great way to at least make passengers smile.

But, why these flights are delayed or even canceled as a very disappointing situation for passengers.

There are several reasons, one of which is as follows:

1. The issue of weather. Hurricanes, hurricanes, bad weather, or even hurricanes. In the Philippines, most airlines have canceled flights. Starting February 6, hundreds of flights, also known as the Coronavirus, have been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus Infectious diseases of the bronchitis virus. Where it is one
The Wu-onon Wu coronavirus disease, according to the latest update, killed about 800 people on Friday. To prevent the spread of the disease, hundreds of flights and even thousands are stranded on their journey.

2. There is air traffic congestion – the reason is flight delays due to the situation. There is no choice but to wait for advice from airport officials. I have experienced this many times. And traveling on schedule, with a few hours off, is a terrifying situation. But you left no choice.

3. Fueling. When the plane needs fuel and some delays have occurred with the aircraft facility for refueling. This happens very often. Delay for 15 minutes, this is always true, the captain of the plane will announce and apologize for the inconvenience.

4. Flight arrival delayed. This means that it will also delay the next flight. There is a domino effect. So how will the passengers be compensated? With a delay of less than 3 hours, is there any way to compensate passengers without error?

5. Maintenance problems. If I am a passenger, I will not board the plane if there is a problem with the engine or any technical problem. But why wouldn’t the airport announce it? For some reason, they should not hide anything. This is the passenger’s choice, and if it takes a few hours, the airline must pay the charges, delay charges, even the opportunity costs lost for the passenger.

6. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or anything that is at risk of flying. This is called the ACTS of nature. Nothing can stop this, except that for this reason the airline will work in a few days.

In the EU, EU airlines must pay a compensation charge of 600 euros if the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours as it is covered by Regulation 261/2004.
But in cases where the airlines are out of control, the compensation fee is not applicable. When you need it International Travel GuidesCheck it out here. I have posted many guidelines for you.

7. Security Review. There are strict security checks for aircraft before they take off. To ensure the safety of all passengers, this is done before departure.

8. Terrorism. There are many reasons but God forbid it in our journey. There are many cases in this scenario. As a result, many flights have been delayed and canceled.

9. Bad weather. One of the main reasons for flight delays is bad weather. There are thousands of flights in the air. Anything that can even cause a delay will delay the remaining successful flights. This cannot be avoided.

When having these issues, coordinate with the airlines. And make sure you compensate for your unfavorable situation.

My Best Travel Credit Cards 2020 Zero Print

Sample credit card for your trip

It is not possible to travel in cash. But now, that’s 100 percent possible. Bringing in cash is also risky. But it is also important to have money along with your cash card. But if you want to travel, you have to buy one Zero percent credit cards Who saves money and then pays. It’s not just sometimes, but always misunderstood.

How do you do that? Low interest rate credit cards?

.. Employment. Once you have been hired by a company for 6 months or 1 year, credit card companies will provide you with offers and give you options based on your monthly income.

.. Business ownership. When you have your own business, most expenses will be paid in cash and even in other online portals, business locations and branches. This way, you avoid bringing in large amounts of cash to pay for users. While you run your business, you can make online transactions and there will be no problem from your part. It's easy and you can even save money now and pay later. This means that you now have the cash available, to invest in the business and make more money while you need to pay it off in the next month.

.. Complementary user. As you are a user of the original card supplement card. It’s good to have one Low cost credit cards If you have a lot of complementary card users. This means you have control over every expense in the house. You can monitor your money inside and out as the monthly bill will come directly to the original cardholder.

What rewards can you get for having a good credit status?

1. Availability of zero percent credit cards for good credit standing customer users.
2. Rewards and benefits such as free access to the airport while traveling lounge. Not only that, free access, free food, relax while waiting for your flight.

3. Get points and cash back rewards when you need a purchase amount.

4. Zero amount for annual fee. Some credit card companies offer zero annual fees and zero interest fees and charges.

But how much would it cost to take the money out?

When you use your international card to withdraw money in the Philippines, there is a limit of 10,000 pesos per withdrawal and a charge of 250 pesos.

When you go to other countries, there is the same charge / fee when you withdraw money at the cash point machine.

Imagine that the World Bank would charge 1 per cent and 1 to 3 per cent for foreign exchange. This amount is often applied to Visa and MasterCard.

So what is the best option to do?
1. Calculate the number of days you spend abroad.
Let’s say a 15-day vacation in Europe / USA / Asia, you need 50 per day to cover all your needs. So 50 750 you need 15 days leave as your pocket money. This does not include your hotel expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
2. Hotel accommodation is paid for before you fly. So it’s a fixed cost.

3. The airline ticket is also fixed, which means you have to follow the flight schedule to avoid out-of-pocket expenses which will require a lot of money to book the flight.

4. Entrance fees to museums and planned visits.

5. Getting to and from the hotel should also be considered. Going forward and money will also earn money. You may need a card to buy a train ticket online, but for a bus or taxi you can pay for it in cash. But buying a pre-train ticket or let’s say a week or two is also an unlimited trip by train or bus.

Dwayne in Atlanta – “Take control of your sexual health, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

By Dwayne Hackman
Atlanta, Giorgio

This is Devin and I have been in PREP for almost a year and I would like to share my PEP experience.

One of the main reasons I decided to go to the premise paragraph is the population; I am an African American guy living in Metro Atlanta. Metro Atlanta has the third largest LGBT population in the country. We have a very diverse and cosmopolitan society. Also, Metro Atlanta is one of the most economically and politically powerful African American communities in the country.

But both communities have the same proportion of HIV infections, and the differences were placed opposite mine. In Metro Atlanta, African Americans over the age of 30 / Symbolic are over 60 HIV positive (according to Emory University) and Atlanta ranks first in all new HIV cases. Recent studies show that half of those recently diagnosed have already developed AIDS. I have seen close friends, family members and a boy friend infected with this disease and I have been afraid of HIV since my adult age.

This number was very disturbing and caused a lot of anxiety, which created a sense of murder. I’ve always pushed myself, but I’ve often started to push myself beyond my limits.

Then I empowered myself. I decided that I was 100 responsible for my health and I re-educated myself about HIV and HIV prevention strategies. I went to the test schedule regularly. I was determined not to be a victim and not just count on the state chart.

Then I found out from the HIV active / teacher group (PREP).Aaron Laxton And Walter Lee Hampton II) On your tube and I want more information.

I went to a few AIDS / HIV services organizations and was shocked and disappointed by the lack of information. In addition, I was amazed at the lack of marketing by Gilad. Truvada maker.

I called my primary care physician and he never heard of PREP. I ran through the stone walls, forcing me to find out more. The internet was useful, but I wanted more. I called Gilead and they sent me forms for support and necessary information. Then I called an infectious disease specialist who specializes in the treatment of HIV and they were familiar with PREP.

After the first HIV test, I got the green light and started in the spring of last year.
Today, I feel stronger and no longer afraid of HIV. I am surprised that many of my contemporaries have never heard of PEP in addition to the extensive coverage in the LGBT press and mainstream press.

I publish this word, and I hope this information is useful to anyone considering PEP. Take control of your sexual health, and don't be afraid to ask questions.