By Dwayne Hackman
Atlanta, Giorgio

This is Devin and I have been in PREP for almost a year and I would like to share my PEP experience.

One of the main reasons I decided to go to the premise paragraph is the population; I am an African American guy living in Metro Atlanta. Metro Atlanta has the third largest LGBT population in the country. We have a very diverse and cosmopolitan society. Also, Metro Atlanta is one of the most economically and politically powerful African American communities in the country.

But both communities have the same proportion of HIV infections, and the differences were placed opposite mine. In Metro Atlanta, African Americans over the age of 30 / Symbolic are over 60 HIV positive (according to Emory University) and Atlanta ranks first in all new HIV cases. Recent studies show that half of those recently diagnosed have already developed AIDS. I have seen close friends, family members and a boy friend infected with this disease and I have been afraid of HIV since my adult age.

This number was very disturbing and caused a lot of anxiety, which created a sense of murder. I’ve always pushed myself, but I’ve often started to push myself beyond my limits.

Then I empowered myself. I decided that I was 100 responsible for my health and I re-educated myself about HIV and HIV prevention strategies. I went to the test schedule regularly. I was determined not to be a victim and not just count on the state chart.

Then I found out from the HIV active / teacher group (PREP).Aaron Laxton And Walter Lee Hampton II) On your tube and I want more information.

I went to a few AIDS / HIV services organizations and was shocked and disappointed by the lack of information. In addition, I was amazed at the lack of marketing by Gilad. Truvada maker.

I called my primary care physician and he never heard of PREP. I ran through the stone walls, forcing me to find out more. The internet was useful, but I wanted more. I called Gilead and they sent me forms for support and necessary information. Then I called an infectious disease specialist who specializes in the treatment of HIV and they were familiar with PREP.

After the first HIV test, I got the green light and started in the spring of last year.
Today, I feel stronger and no longer afraid of HIV. I am surprised that many of my contemporaries have never heard of PEP in addition to the extensive coverage in the LGBT press and mainstream press.

I publish this word, and I hope this information is useful to anyone considering PEP. Take control of your sexual health, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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