For a while now, Obama's plans have been here in Boko Haram (and seemingly everywhere). built up In the HMO chassis:

"One way carriers have found a way to reduce their costs is to offer an ever-expanding network"

And with HMO if you’re out of the network, you’re not unlucky either.

So recently, I had a problem with one of my ACA clients:

"I had a lot of serious medical problems, and almost no provider who could help me. For example, I have raised some thyroid problems over and over again, and only the nearest endocrinologist sees only diabetes. Plus, my primary care certificate isn't even on the network. Help ?! "

We talked for a while, and agreed that there weren’t many options, except that I get to the rap of our careers (I know the careers here because they didn’t do anything wrong, it’s pure that the frustration of this model Express, which ACA basically runs).

To his credit, I quickly received the following answer:

"After some investigation, it appears that the injured person is OK: the nearest provider to this zip code depends on [Diabetes Center]. But I also found:

[Alternate provider who appears to handle thryoid cases]

While this provider is a bit far-fetched, he is the only other endocrinologist to appear on the network.

Members are welcome to reach out to customer service and request services from a non-network provider, but they do not live up to expectations: we have had a similar situation in the past months and have not been approved. "

My client had decided no Favorites:

"Wow … I'm not inside [that] Area. It’s 20 miles from my home, which I’m not comfortable with walking this far. They are not even close to hospitals I would need to use them if I have another issue"

As I pointed out, there is nothing in the ACA that requires carriers to create a factor of convenience when setting up a network. This is exacerbated by the fact that we have hospital competition in this market (as in others, of course), and this creates additional issues.

From our answer:

"As for the primary care provider, it seems that they are independent and do not own any system. With these plans, [[[[Hospital system] Especially the provider is the network, they provide [us] With a list of suppliers who are part of their contract. In other words, we do not contract outside of the list of suppliers provided to us by the Contracting Facility"

The key there is to keep the trucker's hands tied. To make matters worse, she has already met her annual discount for 2020, so moving on to another career (even if it was an option, which is not really the case) would be another disaster.

#ObamaCrap FTW.

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