Sample credit card for your trip

It is not possible to travel in cash. But now, that’s 100 percent possible. Bringing in cash is also risky. But it is also important to have money along with your cash card. But if you want to travel, you have to buy one Zero percent credit cards Who saves money and then pays. It’s not just sometimes, but always misunderstood.

How do you do that? Low interest rate credit cards?

.. Employment. Once you have been hired by a company for 6 months or 1 year, credit card companies will provide you with offers and give you options based on your monthly income.

.. Business ownership. When you have your own business, most expenses will be paid in cash and even in other online portals, business locations and branches. This way, you avoid bringing in large amounts of cash to pay for users. While you run your business, you can make online transactions and there will be no problem from your part. It's easy and you can even save money now and pay later. This means that you now have the cash available, to invest in the business and make more money while you need to pay it off in the next month.

.. Complementary user. As you are a user of the original card supplement card. It’s good to have one Low cost credit cards If you have a lot of complementary card users. This means you have control over every expense in the house. You can monitor your money inside and out as the monthly bill will come directly to the original cardholder.

What rewards can you get for having a good credit status?

1. Availability of zero percent credit cards for good credit standing customer users.
2. Rewards and benefits such as free access to the airport while traveling lounge. Not only that, free access, free food, relax while waiting for your flight.

3. Get points and cash back rewards when you need a purchase amount.

4. Zero amount for annual fee. Some credit card companies offer zero annual fees and zero interest fees and charges.

But how much would it cost to take the money out?

When you use your international card to withdraw money in the Philippines, there is a limit of 10,000 pesos per withdrawal and a charge of 250 pesos.

When you go to other countries, there is the same charge / fee when you withdraw money at the cash point machine.

Imagine that the World Bank would charge 1 per cent and 1 to 3 per cent for foreign exchange. This amount is often applied to Visa and MasterCard.

So what is the best option to do?
1. Calculate the number of days you spend abroad.
Let’s say a 15-day vacation in Europe / USA / Asia, you need 50 per day to cover all your needs. So 50 750 you need 15 days leave as your pocket money. This does not include your hotel expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
2. Hotel accommodation is paid for before you fly. So it’s a fixed cost.

3. The airline ticket is also fixed, which means you have to follow the flight schedule to avoid out-of-pocket expenses which will require a lot of money to book the flight.

4. Entrance fees to museums and planned visits.

5. Getting to and from the hotel should also be considered. Going forward and money will also earn money. You may need a card to buy a train ticket online, but for a bus or taxi you can pay for it in cash. But buying a pre-train ticket or let’s say a week or two is also an unlimited trip by train or bus.

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