So, the next day, another Twitter Spy:

"The ACA market placement plan is likely to reduce the number of subsidized entries in 2020"

That’s right, I’ll eat: what pays?

Well, it looks like, across the board, the 2020 Obama Plan Premiums Slightly lower than last year.

That’s right, Henry, this seems like good news for people who are stuck with them, why the hot face?

Well, that's because the premium is reduced, so the insurer has to pay more.


I know, it's weird, but bear with me here. First, let's take a look at the cost of exchange-based Obama plans:

One goes to the site, sets up an account, and determines the subsidy eligibility. It is important to note that there really is Two very different Types of Subsidies: The one that everyone knows about, which is the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC), and the one that seems to always be under everyone's radar: Cost Sharing (CSR). We'll focus on the former, because that's where Twitter Spiral 2 comes in.

Once the subsidy capability has been determined, the next step is to click on the pricing engine, which provides a “menu” of different carriers and plans, complete with. two Prices for each plan: "Retail" (no premium credit, so full cost) and "subsidy" (where APTC applies and you see how much the plan will cost each month). There’s a little more to it, but it sets the stage a lot.

The (online) dictionary defines it as "anti":In contrast to what an awareness might cause one to expect"

and so?

So the downside to the “subsidy matrix” is that, contrary to what one might expect, when the premium cut down, Monthly insurance subsidy Increases.

say what?

It shows that "Low premium levels have reduced premium spreads for subsidized individuals. The spread of low premiums means that subsidized individuals will face higher insurance."


(If you're interested in the mechanism of how it works, Did Click through the related article)

With more headlines under the rabbit hole, I thought just about how many people might really be affected. Our friend Charles Gabba came to us:

"About 84% of people with ACA plans receive a Premium Tax Credit (APTC). This is 9.59 million out of 11.41 million nationally"

So more than 8 out of 10 Obama plan supporters receive a premium subsidy. Wow, that's one very much Of the people who may feel extra pain this year (at least in premium terms).

So here's the 64,000 question:

How will this affect all the people who are now receiving premium reduction due to CV-19 as per the plan?

/ Gulp

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