Summer time is here! do you have
An emergency kit for your pet?

Summer time …

It refers to the memories and thoughts of the late Barbie and family and friends enjoying hot nights on decks and patches. You can feel the summer and icy water near the lawn sprinklers and swimming pools. Eat ice-cold drinks.

Summer time is "fun in the sun" and "great memories in flip flops" …

But summer time can also be Natural disasters season …

Hurricanes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires … they usually turn their ugly heads during the warmer months.

In the last few months, Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the need for emergency planning became apparent to Americans. The crisis highlighted the urgent need for emergency planning and preparedness.

None of us have reacted to the crisis and stored up on things we know are essential for ourselves and our relatives?

If it's toilet paper, Bottled water, handicrafts, food, medicine or anything else, we have implemented our “emergency plans” and prepared for the possibility of shortage. We have provided and are facing the possibility that access to stores and goods may be limited … and our ability to exit and purchase goods may also be limited.

But humans are not the only ones facing this crisis. Our pets deal with them according to us. Our abusive friends face physical dangers and consequently dangers as well. But generally, if the situation is not safe for us, it is not safe for them either.

It's June National Pet Readiness Month … and this is the right time to prepare an emergency / disaster kit for animals. Pre-planning and preparedness can save their lives if a disaster strikes.

So what should your pet emergency / disaster kit have?

First, create and activate a Animal evacuation plan. Pro actively find out what options are available for animal-friendly shelters near you, both if you keep your animals with you or if you are unable to do so.

As part of your plan, you should have a notice / sticker in front of your house or inside the house to warn you of everything that is available in the house.

If you are unable to accommodate your pet, the following may be an option to meet your needs:

  • Veterinary Offices
  • Board facilities
  • Animal Shelter
  • Friendly hotels for pets
  • Close friends or relatives (They can be very helpful if you are away when disaster strikes)

Second, keep your pet's health records Near – by hand. Most shelters will require you to provide evidence of recent vaccinations / shots, urgent or not. It is also wise to allow care for your pets, if you cannot afford to see them for care or medical decisions.

The following items are recommended for your emergency kit:

  • A (at least) 10 days supply of pet food for each animal
  • Nutrition guidelines for domestic animals
  • Food / water bags
  • 10 days bottled water for each animal
  • Animal First Aid Kit
  • Evidence of recent shots / vaccines / bad results and more.
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drugs
  • Their veterinary contact information
  • Photos of your animals (pictures)
  • Pet bags, blankets, hats
  • Animal game
  • Extra pants and collars
  • If a cat, include litter bags and litter for at least 10 days.
  • Disposal bags are required for cleaning purposes
  • Paper packets
  • A flashlight with a good battery
  • Grooming items
  • A small bottle of bleach
  • Small delivery of cleaning supplies
  • Copy of Municipal Animal RegisterIf applicable)
  • If microchiped, include microchip information
  • Your / owner's contact information
  • Comfort items chosen by your pet

June and National Pet Readiness Month
Celebrating provides us with appropriate reminders to act. Take this opportunity to plan a displacement plan for your pet and collect an emergency kit. That way you are always prepared for a natural disaster or emergency.

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