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Property Tax Exemption Measures – 2020

U.S. property owners, including in the Chicago Land area, are currently facing real financial pressures …


One reason is … iReal estate tax time in most parts of America.

In many parts of our nation, property taxes are now being paid and the first installment of tax payments is being paid. Because of the future.

This is especially true in the Chicago metropolitan area.

In Chicago's Southland, property taxes will be levied Posted on May 20, 2020 and posted online. Will the first installment of the County Property Owners Tax come soon for payment … on June 3, 2020.

But as I mentioned above, what is happening now is paying off taxes this year – especially challenging for many. Job losses, unemployment, low incomes, and health issues handed down by the COVID-19 virus all contribute to those current challenges.

Most of our local Chicagoland-area governments You are looking for ways to meet these challenges. They are trying to find ways to provide much-needed assistance to residents and property owners within their boundaries.

This is really true The county will. On Thursday, May 21, the Will County Board Measures have been approved and approved to provide financial assistance to Valley County property owners in meeting their 2019 tax installment liability obligations.

The following payment schedule was approved at this county board meeting:

* The first installment 50 is due June 3, 2020

* The first installment 50 is on August 3, 2020

* The second installment 50 is on September 3, 2020

* The second installment of 50 is on November 3, 2020

Note: Any paid balance remaining after August 3rd and November 3rd will receive benefits.

To simplify tax payments, the county will be able to make payments through any of the following methods:

  • Lender Tax Coal Payments: (Check with your mortgage service provider for more information. Note: Homeowners who are mortgaged through Oscar accounts and with taxes will see little or no change in the tax payment schedule.)
  • Banks: For list (And locations) Click on the banks collected on behalf of the county over here
  • Online Payment: Click over here For this link
  • By mail: Send Payment (s) to Will County Treasurer, 302 N. Chicago Street, Juliet, IL 60432
  • Dropbox Payment: 2 drop boxes are located in the county building: 302 St. Chicago, Juliet

# 1 Located in the parking lot as a driving facility / service
# 2 Located in the Counting Building

If you have any questions about paying your taxes / tax installments, Please contact the Will County Treasurer's Office at 815.740.4675.

You can also email the Treasurer's Office as follows: Treasurer @ willcountyillinois.com

The issue of property taxes is vital As taxes play an important role in the transfer of property. For anyone considering buying a property, property taxes play a huge part in the “eligibility” factor of property, especially when the property is financed.

Because of this fact, I have written articles on the subject many times … especially as they relate to Volta County residences and property. Below are some links to this article.

I hope this article provides some insight into the tax issue and provides a better understanding of how Will County properties are assessed and how taxes are estimated and paid.
  • County tax: escrow, new construction, assessment

  • Love your new building … but learn about future tax bills
  • Property Tax: What, where, how, why
  • I received a new appraisal of the property. what do I do?

Have questions How can a property tax on property affect your purchasing power?

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