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Traveling will be an exciting part of your life. Visibility

And to another place will be Sirat, a different country

Once you have the plan be unacceptable and not permanent. If you

Wanted to travel from Cebu, or even abroad,

There are many options available to you to save your budget. It is

A few travel tips if you plan to visit Hong Kong,

Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on

Asian countries you want to visit, you can book a flight

Or by CEBU Pacific Pacific, Philippine Airlines.

Once you book online for tickets to Asia

Countries, you can really buy it at a lower price

Promo rental. Be aware that many people are watching for it

Promo fares exclusively for CEBU PACIFIC flights. They

Have annual rent, for example:

More recently they have rented the P82.50, and returned the P82.50

Travel Anyway, keep in mind that there are accusations that you are still making

Must pay.

So if you book for a round trip ticket, let’s say from Cebu

To Hong Kong or Singapore: Here is your ultimate guide on the journey

Basic Rent: PHP 165.00

YQ: PHP 1,309.50

Air passenger departure tax: PHP 668.78

Q: PHP 183.91

Web Admin Fee: PHP 160.00

Computer: PHP 0.00

Total: PHP 2,487.19

So if you have a bag then you will pay extra cost

BAG15: PHP 350.00

It looks very cheap. Plus, not only that, you can

Secure your hotel accommodation if you book early. Take it

Remember my travel guides so you can choose the best one

Accommodation while you are on vacation. You can too

Pay by credit card, or over the counter

Banks specified. You can visit

Or to the Philippine Airlines website.

Lots of hostels, guesthouses, hotel accommodations that you have

The book can. This will be your guide and guide for your next trip.

You can see below:

1. Pay – Accept payments, and credit cards

2. Hostlin. com- Accept credit cards, money brokers

3. Hostel Wald. com- Accept credit cards

4. Hostel Club. com – Accept credit cards and debit cards

With Visa and MasterCard logos

5. You can contact guest houses directly

Know that this is good.

These websites accept credit cards, and they have the option

Or you will book in advance and the payment will be included

The time of your arrival at the appointed place. Therefore, you

Can choose multiple options. Make sure you have enough budget

To cover costs. Just had a ticket and a hotel

Residence will not be a guarantee of obtaining a license

In addition to immigration officers, don’t forget this

Travel guides, make sure you have enough funds and

That immigration officers will be able to make that decision

You are fine

Take your trip anywhere you want.

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