Dwayne in Atlanta – “Take control of your sexual health, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

By Dwayne HackmanAtlanta, Giorgio This is Devin and I have been in PREP for almost a year and I would like to share my PEP experience. One of the main reasons I decided to go to the premise paragraph is the population; I am an African American guy living in Metro Atlanta. Metro Atlanta has […]

Pop from Cape Town – “What if all your worries, your fears, your doubts … just one bullet … can it be lost?”

This is the moment I have to take off my leather jacket, grab my sunglasses and say in my metric voice "What if? What if I told you that the world you see before can turn your eyes into bullets?" What if all your anxiety, all your fears, all your doubts … just one bullet […]

Michael – “Without the constant fear of HIV infection, I can have sex with the love of my life.”

I take medicine every morning (on an empty stomach – I'm not a man). And so far, there are no side effects – except for one: I don’t worry about the deeper place I’ll have after a sexual escape. By Michael P.Westster County, NY The point here is to try to be patient. I am […]

Happy Pre-Awards!

Today FDA approval Trovada for HIV prevention, otherwise known as PREP. happy Birthday! #yayPrEP! #PrEPworks! The PREP includes an HIV-negative person who takes one pill a day – Trovada – to prevent HIV infection. But PREP is not just a pill, it is a program that includes visits to your healthcare provider four times a […]

Joel – “I’m still scared, but something strange happened …”

Here I end every day. I will admit that I am open to sex without a condom. My fears still persist and I try to work through them. I have been diagnosed with STIs. This was never the case when I used condoms regularly. But I am HIV free. By Joel Alcruz Seattle, WATwitter: e […]