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Pop from Cape Town – “What if all your worries, your fears, your doubts … just one bullet … can it be lost?”

This is the moment I have to take off my leather jacket, grab my sunglasses and say in my metric voice "What if? What if I told you that the world you see before can turn your eyes into bullets?" What if all your anxiety, all your fears, all your doubts … just one bullet … can be lost? "

By Paul Watson
Cape Town, South Africa

The first time I met him I was in a trance.

It wasn’t one of those romantic things from Cosmopolitan magazine. Nor was it one of those love-shopping moments that made you feel like a social pet who had never been in such a coffee shop. ” But, we got to know each other.

He nodded, his mouth watering, and when he got up, his cock seemed to want to shake his hands.

My clothes were off and we were soon in a complicated state of arms and legs. In the midst of temptations, kisses of salt and human affection – these were the eyes that made me look. It was his hand that kept me going during the attraction. It was his warm hand that touched me and made me care when I thought of running away. But I cry, some background information may be needed to follow the love of this story.

I’m not a pretty devil or cherub-faced guy. I'm just your normal, fellow worker, everyday man. But that’s what makes me so dangerous. I smell like a man, I look like a man, I have gray lines on my beard and a small smile in the outer corners of my eyes. I have a funny smile on my face. I can follow the smile from one room to the other and am more aware of the dark look of every man in my crotch. My success rate is very high during many years of training – although I don't always have a boyfriend.

At banks, shopping malls, jams, jogging outside, I see them – look. I always move first. A greeting, a friendly "greeting" and, once I have a little confirmation of the mutual "greed", I quickly move to kill. Like a ruthless and wild wolf that only hunts, I have been caught once, in pairs and sometimes in groups.

My taste in men is real man! It ranges from hair-bearing beer-like man to easy-to-brew calculator to beer beer and chain smoker wine. Married men, straight men, gay men – I don't care. Sometimes I tease them if sex is good but, most of the time, it’s a one-time mutual understanding of passion and release. Sex with a man is everything and very demanding. An intention that is so large that it overshadows everything else, and like a sliding knife that penetrates your brain, the short-sightedness of all thoughts other than one goal – to achieve something. Sex!

"It's not me," I hear you cry, "I have no such request."

I can't believe having homosexuality in the 1980s to this day has had some interesting parallels. Where once I was ashamed and hid my sexuality in fear of rejection. I find this now, even though I am apparently a gay man, I still have a largely secret personal life.

In my twenties, my friend then introduced me to a man who would sit at the end of a local gear bar with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other who would give a return sign that We had it. After a few short months in tow we stopped by his bed at the local hospital to say goodbye to him. I remember his begging eyes on the sunken face – betrayed by the disease that had devastated his body. It was a hard first lesson to learn about the realities of the AIDS generation and the consequences of using the wrong condom. At the time, my own condom use was about 50%. People don’t always think in the heat of emotion, they just sink in and then deal with the consequences.

Show me a guy who has a 100% rate of condom use, and I’ll show you a politician in the making.

This experience must have scared me so much that I had to use a condom or at least, limit myself to a friend for a while. Like most AIDS victims, names and faces will disappear like a somewhat moving iceberg. Here today, tomorrow and the carefree world and life go on.

The truth is – the world never stops.

In this life, no one comes alive … no nothing.

It was after this that I had sexual intercourse with Mr. O on several occasions when he advised me about his HIV status. He was HIV positive. He told me as we get together, closer to each other as the world disappears under our feet. I could feel him clinging to me – almost as if I was about to get out of bed and stand on the street with a broken heart. Inside I scream – I wanted to scream at him. I wanted to cry, and I begged – but I was amazed at my own actions.

I kissed her instead. Mr. O, the nature of his nature and the eyes of his wisdom breathed into my envelope as I guarded him from the terrible storm. There was even something stronger inside me from the storm, HIV / AIDS, death … these things were a part of it, a big part of it. These things ruled his life and he did it for years. Will they even start governing me?

After he told me, I was filled with shared feelings. I wanted to run, I wanted to get away. It was as if I had kindled a flame of fire. The things I read in the magazine, the information published by the media and the things my friends and acquaintances passed around me. I want them to disappear – this HIV thing really happened. Even as language and means of communication have changed, we whisper in each other’s ears “Are you clean?”. These points have such a negative notoriety that the disease has spread. We say this as if someone is infected with HIV is an unclean and unclean thing.

When I left him – I ran. I went for a test.

It's been three years since my last test and I'm in contact with about 150 men at the moment. Who dares to count, it’s just a fun pastime. During the process of thinking, planning and testing, I found myself relaxing in a way that I knew would calm my soul, even if only for a short time. Sex! As my phone rang and the corner was set I buried all my thoughts of HIV and tried to lose myself in someone else. My other friend was married there was no sexual laughter, it just wasn’t completely safe. Empty promises of repetitive performances were exchanged. When he was out the door, sin entered.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. What? IFS load of something.

Anger, frustration, self-loathing. My makeup and my masks blended with each other. I decided the next day to make a decision and stick with it.

I really don't want to be like some of my friends. They never sleep with anyone, they stay home and watch movies and seem to mourn their lost love life. Fear of getting sick has given them so much strength, made the subject worthless and they are sitting together in complete misery and isolation. They need this burning and love but fear keeps them in touch forever.

Condom use is not always common and there are other ways to transmit the disease.

There are many people who have inflammatory symptoms of the virus that keep people from just mentioning HIV. I can say this with real confidence because I, I was that person myself.

I believe it is the fear of the unknown that has paralyzed these people. It is their fear of their own death. These very similar people are taking part in Guy Fakhr’s protests and banners of equality for all to “stop homophobia” they say. Away from protests and public solidarity, a few brief summaries such as HIV and AIDS forced them to slowly turn their backs on them. This is a new strain of the virus called inter-homophobia. It has been a gay society ever since! It is not AIDS or HIV, but it is a notorious symptom of eating slowly and slowly and poisoning people slowly. These are not the people who have revealed their status – these are the people who do not have it. They are the ones who are watching.

I have heard it said that there are now five conditions – positive, negative, unknown, PREP and, most dangerous, unknown.

I now understand the term “bug driver”. I know people who just want to get it and deal with it, get it and do it with it to get rid of the fear. I really know now because maybe I was one of them in another life.

I was sitting there in the nurses station, the fear of God inside me. Scenarios were made in my mind, plans for the short future. Who would I tell? It happened like a surprise, I remember the nurse's mouth moving and the noise drone in the background. As I passed the movements I produced my finger and with a click, a drop of bright red blood came out of the punk hole. Just a drop! I rented it and realized it could change my life forever. My eyes darkened as I gently dipped it into the test kit. Being a well-rounded, integrated and “fun” person turned me into a sad and utterly fearful man. A thought formed in my mind. Why put yourself through the same trauma – just bury it. Chip it in the hole – sex can cover it all. Two drops from an Adropper and I could hear the sound of the drops hitting the kit was like beating two coffee drums. The nurse got the job. I remember her saying that she would open the clinic when someone approached her for hours after the test because she knew how difficult it was to take the first step to take the test. The pink line went ahead. I held my breath and slowly released it by brushing my teeth. The nurse got the job. The plastic skeleton in her office made me laugh knowingly.

When she said the word "negative" – ​​the first word that left my mouth was "what?" Screaming?

A feeling of complete disbelief appeared. I was sitting there in a state of catastrophic shock. She said "negative" – ​​there was a mistake. I was with hundreds of guys, some I used condoms, some didn’t. Some I’ve had vanilla sex but with so many men, I’ve done things that would have made a porn movie come alive.

A friend told me that even though the media forces us to believe that HIV is a very contagious, very contagious disease, you only have a 30 chance to get it from a direct attack. Let me repeat this – 30 .. but this is only one side of the coin.

Scratch around on the internet and you will be consumed by the whole mess.

There is nothing in human medical history that has further confused scientists and medical people that it is a small virus. Even re-infection sounds have divided the camps. Can you get it back when you have paralysis? So while people are dying, and people are lying, scientists are fighting and pages are being written from the end of the garbage. And the virus survives, changes, and it hides behind the smiles of the people you least doubt.

I left the nurse's office like a zombie asking for my help and all the made plans to start the course in ARV classes went out the window. One thing I was really scared of though was how did I deal with Mr. O?

The two positives do not produce positives, but we had another unprotected sex, he revealed that he was on ARV but it was still not easy. Can I stop raping her? Why can't I move on? Why can't I start trying condoms more often and maybe change my ways? I had just fired a shot, like a machine gun fire, but maybe it was a bit more dramatic. I think it was more like a nuclear attack.

When it came to our event, I was left alone, no drugs, no thoughts, I was left alone and let him catch me. He knew something was going on, this civil war was raging, and he did what he needed to do. He was just there. Thank God for Google, statistics, stories, blogs, it’s all here. Scientific articles, for that matter, in contrast. It’s all there, more than anything, to the most contradictions, to the most information.

One website said that 1 in 72 people get HIV if you sleep with an HIV boy with ARV. Another website said zero chance, it is now known as a new way to have backseat sex and be safe, find a man in ARVs because he is safer than anyone else. Who believed, I was back in the dark, wandering around for answers. Who would believe all this information, all this knowledge?

I remember feeling sad, it was like losing a part of yourself, like when you were little and lost in the miles, that senseless feeling. I don't like boys. I like him, yes, but he was still dangerous. And I like dangerous. So maybe it’s like playing with a lion or a little random bomb, that every moment it can turn on you and destroy you.

Running my mind said, stay and play say my heart, compassion on strengthening my self-defense.

We tested negative again. A small part of me became frustrated and this new feeling started on the crane. Hope. Yes maybe hope. A little later I wrapped the taste of hope around in my mouth. It all seems to reach the level of infected thoughts, prejudices and misunderstandings.

So we talked, ARVs, CD4 numbers and that's all the key to AIDS / HIV. We’re not talking about them, we’re not talking about this disease. That’s something other people get. Promising, drug addict, someone who sleeps with other races.

On TV we see endless streams of Africans dying in hospital beds. We see gay men crying to their friends that they have disappeared from donating blood. I can't shut up, I won't be in touch, it won't reach me. Tom Hank hung on the floor, sunken drag rows in proud marches.The face of help through the media made us want to see him. Yellowish skin, weak limbs and gaunt eyes.

So when Mr. Right arrives, Barrel’s chest healing with health and a twinkle in his eye, you won’t see this visit, you won’t see this little virus in your bloodstream that you’re in for a treat. , And that's what it is. It made me very dangerous.

This is the moment I have to take off my leather jacket, grab my sunglasses and say in my metric voice "What if? What if I told you that the world you see before can turn your eyes into bullets?" What if all your anxiety, all your fears, all your doubts … just one bullet … can be lost? "

Prap – Trudeau, say what you want. It's a relatively new drug, very controversial, but it's here. Studies say there is an 80% chance of stopping the HIV virus, others say it has a 100% chance. It is now used in the treatment of people who have been exposed to the HIV virus for hours on end. But still people approached it cautiously.

Take one pill a day and you are safe.

I wonder, there is another mechanism of protection, of course sexually active people have to knock on the door to get it. not at all. I have heard from Mr. O about this, mentioning the aggressor, something is not right. I'm at high risk you may not be, but if you sleep with me in a moment of "weakness" it's high risk. We are human beings, and sometimes what our friends and family do not know hurts us.

For the first time in years, there is nothing but a condom that can prevent HIV infection. Use both together and you can almost get past the HIV body fluids and still be safe (well maybe not really, but that was an idea). So if you are sexually active, even if you are married, and negative. Why aren't you on this medication? Side effects, contradictions that I hear. Better than getting HIV (although it is treatable now), stop taking the pill if your body cannot manage it. Less guitar, and possibly kidney problems.

But what is this fear about taking a pill to stop HIV? Moral collapse? Courageous support, meat on the streets, the collapse of society? Running this idealistic run that allows one to hate without consequences?

Sex, like death, happens. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes you travel and slip and fall under your feet and are in a tight spot and fall into someone’s arms. It doesn’t go away, it won’t disappear because you don’t have it, and it’s there. It happens.

Sex happens, and if it happens to you, you have to take that goal.

Where once I didn’t want to see, just give a date or sleep with someone who is obviously HIV, now that’s not the issue. My eyes are open. What matters is man, not the virus. Imagine if someone didn't even want to talk to you because of your blood type. This is what most gay people are like. Just mention the word and they're gone.

I remember lying here in the arms of Mr. and Mrs., smelling sex and mouth in the room. The soft light of the evening hung through the windows and the sounds of birds welcoming the new day. Mr. A.'s breath was warming on my neck and I could feel his chest hair on my back, he suddenly ate me and took a deep breath. A soft thought passed like a soft cloud in my mind, could it be? I wouldn’t say this sentence in case I’m jerking things off, but the moment seems to be as wide as an elastic band.

Has taking pills changed me so fast and so much that now I was free to enjoy anyone? Am I really free to love someone now and how do I want to?

Is he the one who is forcing me to stay with a man? Maybe, and while I closed my eyes, I sniffed at the smell of his muscular mouth and wrapped my poisoned breath around me like a blanket.

So take the hunger pill yes take it.

Michael – “Without the constant fear of HIV infection, I can have sex with the love of my life.”

I take medicine every morning (on an empty stomach – I'm not a man). And so far, there are no side effects – except for one: I don’t worry about the deeper place I’ll have after a sexual escape.

By Michael P.
Westster County, NY

The point here is to try to be patient.

I am a homosexual man who has been involved in a very long-term relationship with the love of my life (more than 20 years together). But, we are not without our problems – and we become men, and you are the man who grew up fighting at a time when it was not accepted, discussed, or even accepted, our pressures are often used as sex. – And not necessarily. In a healthy way

The effect of growing up as we did we can only say, faced with the problem of monotheism.

And, as I believe any honest person – guy or straight – will admit, staying “safe” is a difficult, stressful goal. And, even when you're "safe" you're always surprised. . . Was I safe enough?

The long-term stress of this one question can ruin a relationship, take away your years of anxiety, and even lead to completely unprotected sexual activity (believe it, okay?) And with all these stresses – More because of the complexity. The (real and imagined) impact on my relationship with the love of my life – I found myself following the development of HIV and AIDS medications over the past 30 years. That was the knowledge I was looking for in PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), about 7 years ago, after a self-destructive struggle with non-sexual activity (it’s amazing what the confluence of job discomfort is, and Financial difficulties can (lead to do!).

And so, following the development of a new drug, I learned that it is a drug (Trovada) that can reduce my chances of contracting HIV by 90% – not better than 90% !?

are you kidding? Why the hell isn't that common sense?

I doubt that the answer to this question lies in the same misfortunes that led to not knowing the truth of the disease when it first broke in the 80s. However, it should be noted that there are medications that can significantly reduce the risk of HIV transmission. And, equipped with this knowledge, I took it to my therapist.

The first stage.

You would think that living on the outskirts of New York City would make me deserving of doctors who are quick on issues like HIV prevention. But no. I first discussed the fact that I wanted to start PEP in November with my general specialist. Initially she asked me to see an infectious disease specialist and freely admitted that she was not speeding in PREP. I offered to provide him with materials that should provide him with a basic knowledge.

I could not find an ID specialist in my area who was an insurance participant, and normal human delays occurred. When I saw my doctor then I had material weapons from the disease control centers. However, my doctor was still reluctant to write a prescription. I then checked the Westchester County Health Department website and found a program that was completely dedicated to HIV and AIDS issues (check them out: Hope Center at St. John Riverside Hospital. The staff are so amazing and they are so dedicated.) It was through them that I finally saved the prescription for Trouda (PREP therapy).

Second round.

I have a prescription cover that covers both retail pharmacies and post order. I would get the best deal by post order, but since I was eager to start the protocol I decided to buy the prescription at the retail pharmacy. Rejected.

The physician from Omid Center filed an appeal with the insurance company. Rejected.

I received two denial notifications from CVS / Caremark on the same day: denial and appeal. The only reason provided was – "Trudeau is not a covered drug."

After a few days of trying to figure out how to manage denials, I contacted a New York State advocacy group whose name appears in the denials. They tried to help, but honestly, it wasn't worth the time. They freely admitted that they would not be able to help and led me to programs designed for people with low incomes. Their plan is that I can fill out the prescription and have the program paid for the full retail cost. However, I knew I would not succeed (I would earn a lot of income for the qualification, but no more close enough to pay for the prescription myself).

After writing a letter of denial that Trudeau was not covered by the plan, I decided to contact my human resources department. They were very, very professional (somewhat surprising because we are a small company and know each other very well). I didn’t need to explain the whole story (although I was more than satisfied). Instead I just explained that the version was banned.

Within an hour – literally – they had contacted the plan manager called CVS / Caremark and the rejection turned into approval. I got a call from a retail pharmacy to let me know that the prescription was ready to be selected.

Part III.

So it's been about twenty days now that I've been in the PREP protocol. I take medicine every morning (on an empty stomach – I'm not a man). And so far, there have been no side effects – except for one: I no longer worry about the deeper place I will have after sex. And, as my anxiety has normalized, I will still feel anxious after the rape that I was not involved in any unsafe activity.

But I continue: I can feel that my attitude towards sex is a little less, less full of fear and anxiety. I have even seen small improvements in my sex life in love with my life. Apparently, without the constant fear of HIV infection, I can have sex in the love of my life.

In time, with continued continuity, it is really possible that this protocol might bring some relief to my mind and heart.

Happy Pre-Awards!

Today FDA approval Trovada for HIV prevention, otherwise known as PREP.

happy Birthday!



The PREP includes an HIV-negative person who takes one pill a day – Trovada – to prevent HIV infection. But PREP is not just a pill, it is a program that includes visits to your healthcare provider four times a year, regular HIV and STD monitoring, ongoing health monitoring, sexual health counseling and support.

PREP converts to safe sex. And you live in historic, exciting times.

Over the past three years, PREP has evolved a lot – more people are aware of PEP and more people have access to it – in Chicago and across the country. But much remains to be done. We have to do more to get PREP to the most vulnerable people. We need to dramatically increase awareness and outreach in communities where HIV levels remain high – especially among young black men, transgender women, and especially Algerian black women.

We – as a group – are far from fulfilling PREP commitments and potential. And we'll just get there – Together and in collaboration – Through strong, sustainable community mobilization, Including you

With that said, please share this post and visit us on Facebook – Project RSP – To help you get points on PREP. And talk to your friends about PREP, whether you buy it yourself or you are a PREP advocate or friend.

Be sure to check out all the informative links on this blog for everything The truth is To Sources of financial support of the Chicago area PREP provider list.


Dorothy Teresa Savchak Mankio

Above is a picture of my mother as a young woman. I want to tell you about it.

My mother was born on July 18, 1927, the second child of Nicholas and Catherine Sochak.

Nicholas and Catherine were refugees from Ukraine. They came to the United States as teenagers, arriving separately, not with a fourth-grade education. Catherine was from an agricultural area in western Ukraine when she left because her family wanted to marry an older man instead of her young son, who had been recruited into the army. Her first job here was as a bride. Nicholas was from Kiev, where he was trained as a coach. In the United States, he worked as a potter in oil and toiletries. When Nicholas and Catherine came to the United States, they thought they might eventually return to Ukraine. But World War I and the Russian Revolution intervened, changing plans. Catherine's boyfriend died in battle. Nicholas and Catherine met, got married and settled in a small row in Trenton, New Jersey, where they spent the rest of their lives.

Catherine and Nicholas had two children, my uncle Walter and my mother Dorothy. When my mother was born, her parents chose the name "Dorothy Theresa Savak". But because Catherine spoke with heavy accents, the clicker providing the birth certificate did not understand her. So officially, my mother's middle name was "Tessie" and not "Teresa". She never bothered to change that.

Nicholas and Catherine were tough and smart. They saved enough to send Walter to college and medical school. He served as a physician in the military during the Korean War. I once asked him if he works in a MASH unit, like in a TV show. He said no, he worked close to the face. He placed the wounded soldiers in the best position and then sent them to the MASH unit to be brought in for treatment and healing. After the war, he became a pathologist at the Trenton Area Hospital. He got married and had two eldest daughters, my cousin.

My mother attended Trenton High School (the same high school I attended years later, attended by economist Robert Solo around the same time). He danced the bucket. He skied the Delaware River. He loved to read and go to the movies.

Due in part to limited resources and partly to the gender bias of the time, my mother was not allowed to go to college. Years later, her parents would say it was their biggest regret not to give her a chance. Instead, my mother studied hairdressing. She was also pressured to marry the son of some family friends.

The marriage did not work. With my pregnancy, her new husband began to “walk around”, rejoicing for my mother’s infidelity. They divorced, and took him out of their lives. But the marriage left him with one blessing – my sister Peg.

My mother continued to live as a single mother. A few years later, he met my father, also named Nicholas, through social work by local Ukrainian churches. They both love to dance. He wanted to marry her, but once burned, he was reluctant at first. Only when she realized that he had become her best friend did she finally accept him.

In 1958, nine months after I was born, my parents, Peg, and I left Trenton for a newly built split house in Cranford, New Jersey. My father worked for Western Power, with AT&T weapons, first as a draftsman and then as an electrical engineer. He worked there until his retirement. One of his specialties was the battery design. When I grew up, I thought it looked very tiring. Now I understand how important this is.

My mother then turned to working as a hairdresser to become a full-time mother. But she kept all the hair accessories from her store – chairs, photos, scissors, razors and so on in our pool. She would cut her friends hair by the time I was a little boy, she would cut my hair too.

I attended Brookside School, a public school a short distance from our home. When I was in second or third grade, my mother called to see the teacher. The class was given some standardized testing. “Greg got better,” the teacher said. "We were very surprised."

At that moment, my mother decided that school was not working for me. I was a speaker and researcher at home but shy and ignorant at school. I need a change

She started looking for the best school I could find. She decided it was Pingari School, Independence Day School, about ten miles from our house. She asked me, and I agreed.

The question then arises, how to pay for it? Penguin was expensive, and we didn't have much extra money. My mother decided she needed to go back to work.

She started looking for a job, and presented herself with an extraordinary opportunity. Union County, where we lived, had opened a public vocational school, and they were looking for teachers. She was a cosmetology teacher and was employed.

There was an obstacle, however. Teachers, although lessons such as the hairdressing business, require teacher certification. It required some special college courses, and my mother took none. So he got back out of necessity. While teaching at the vocational school during the day, she began college courses by night to obtain a certificate, while giving birth to two children.

My mother taught in a vocational school until retirement. During this time, she also wrote several books, Beauty Culture I and II, which were teacher's guides. From the summary of the first volume: "The curriculum is divided into six sections and includes the following guidelines: shop, school, and cosmetologist; sterilization procedures in beauty salons; scalp applications and shampooing; hair style grenades. And hair loss and iron removal. ”I think one might look at this project as a textbook writer for my career.

When my parents both retired, they were still good friends. They traveled together, exploring the world in ways that were impossible when they were young and poor. During my third year as a professor of economics, I visited LSE for about a month. I encouraged my parents to come to London for a week or so. They had a good time. I believe this was the first time they had ever been to Europe. When I was older, vacations were usually on the edge of Jersey.

My father died a few years later. My mother lived alone for the next three decades. He then lived full-time on the shores of Jersey in Brandt Beach, Long Beach Island. The house was close to the sea and was large enough to encourage her growing family to come for a long visit. Two children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, Murray. He was never happy to be surrounded by his family.

My mother loved to cook, especially the Ukrainian food she learned as a child. Holbatsy (stuffed kebab) was a specialty. The other was capsta (kebab) soup. At one point, a local newspaper offered to publish her Capsta soup recipe. They did it, but by mistake. Each crop that had to be measured in teapots was printed like tables. The paper then corrected but probably to no avail. I'm not sure if I've ever tried incorrectly printed combinations and, if so, to what extent.

During her free time over the years, my mom read extensively, played free cell games on her computer, and watched TV. A few years ago, when she was around 90, I visited her, and I pointed to the show "Breaking Bray." She hadn't heard of it. She suggested we watch the first part. And then another. And another. After I left, he sat down on all five seasons.

As he got older, living alone became harder. When she had trouble getting old up and down, an elevator was added to her house. But slowly her balance deteriorated, and she fell several times. She had small blows, and then a very significant one. She went to the nursing home. Every time I visit, I bring her new books to read. The love for reading her never waned.

That is, I fear, where the story ends. Last week, Dorothy Teresa Savchak Mankio tested positive for the Cove-19. Yesterday, she died. I will lose him

Joel – “I’m still scared, but something strange happened …”

Here I end every day. I will admit that I am open to sex without a condom. My fears still persist and I try to work through them.

I have been diagnosed with STIs. This was never the case when I used condoms regularly.

But I am HIV free.

By Joel Alcruz

Seattle, WA
Twitter: e joelalcaraz92

It's been a year since I started taking an FDA-approved pill called HIV Prevention Truvada. The only approved medication (prophylaxis or pre-exposure prophylaxis) that prevents HIV infection, not even condoms approved by the FDA for HIV prevention.

Thoughts so far?

I am not infected with HIV. I take a cycle STI test with my doctor. Because of my paranoia I go every month and a half.

When I started admitting that I liked men at age 16, I also got a deeper feeling about HIV. Any sexual intercourse was performed after the rule with a condom examination. I was “safe” 100% of the time. Condom use, if done properly, is 70-97 effective in preventing infection. These numbers have caused constant anxiety. I was worried about last night's stroke and went to my local HIV testing center when the class was over.

The man who was HIV positive, I would leave and move on. My fear was so deep that I could barely check their bodies without thinking about the terror virus.

I was afraid of them. I don't want them to be, but my thoughts were hanging over me, "It's not positive now." Giving slogans.

In my junior year, a man I had met raped me. Usually I have less condom sex with the men I trusted, tested recently, and who I thought I might have a future with. He admitted one night that he had slept with his ex while we were on the verge of falling asleep. I went out, locked myself in the bathroom and filmed the death announcement as soon as the blood drops were announced.

I hit the emergency line at my school's intellectual aid hotline. I have an anxiety attack that was a bathroom lock in a room. The man on the line was able to calm me down and tell me to tell another doctor tomorrow. What was past was past.

The next day I told my doctor about the condition and collected samples of my body fluids. He also told me about PEP (prophylaxis after explanation), an HIV meds course taken for one month after possible exposure that could prevent me from getting HIV if the window period after 72 hours To be taken in the course. He gave me the prescription and I left. My results came back negative.

Over the next two years I took PEP three times. Once, with a stranger where there was a condom break. Twice with my ex, my delicacy just seems paranoid. I am sexually active, my numbers are very high. I lick another man’s flesh, but the fear is high. I enjoyed sex without a condom, but the thought of HIV always made me laugh and sent me into a state of anxiety.

So I continued to train myself on HIV. Read studies on this new prevention strategy called PREP. If there was medicine after the insult, what before the insult? I talked to my doctor about it and he approved it for me to get it approved for me about the events I had reported to him.

The right time too, because I was just broken up with my ex, and I knew that my behavior would help ease the pain by focusing on alcohol-induced sexual assaults.

For almost a month I had intestinal issues. Not a great start, but it did help reduce anxiety. If taken every day there is a very high chance (above 90 wards) I would not be infected with HIV, and that was when another person POZ had a load of detector virus. If they were detectives the chances were less than one percent. So I chose a man who is HIV positive, ignorant. We had sex, without a condom, and it was scary. He assured me that I would be fine, he was well acquainted with drugs and knew members of the community who were experts in the subject.

But it was hard to stay close to him. I was still scared, but an interesting thing happened.

I looked at him as a little boogie man, and as a very human being. He had HIV, but he was perfectly healthy. Like me he took one pill a day. Essentially I live his life, but taking the pill to stop me from getting the virus. While he takes it every morning before work to keep the virus levels low, we both take the pill and leave the head.

I still deal with my fear of HIV, but I no longer see it as a death sentence. I’m open to the idea of ​​dating with pose guys. From time to time I still stumble upon the idea that the pill may be a coffee, a conspiracy to infect gay men with false hope. People in hookup apps call me a Troyavada professional when I turn on PREP. Most of the time, they are HIV in themselves.

There is a root of the problem, shame. The same people in our society have bullet moral issues. As right there are issues with birth control and the HPV vaccine. It will only promote more pornography as they say. The men who said they were not at risk, made the deal, are now gathering the argument of "condoms only".

Deep down I was happily embarrassed. Like another man, meat to meat. Close relationship issues are involved in physical behavior.

Until now, I was still sleeping around my business. The fear of HIV lies in the fear of another stigma, which is a deserving stigma against a large section of society against gay men. Zeitgeist is a just punishment for their immoral behavior. It was just a matter of time. I was still embarrassed about being smoothed and liking the cold. From the moment my fears became apparent, I was embarrassed in my gay state and feared that I deserved to contract HIV and die.

But here I end every day. I will admit that I am open to sex without a condom. My fears still persist and I try to work through them. I have been diagnosed with STIs. This was never the case when I used condoms regularly. But I am HIV free. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are treatable, and you can still get them even if you use condoms for anal sex, oral sex is where they get you!

Hopefully there will be a vaccine for HIV in my life. So far this is the next best thing, a pill once a day. Even if you use condoms all the time, there will be slide apps, God knows I never planned for one. You fall for someone and trust them and have unprotected sex. Boom, you've got this disease that's how my ex who has HIV +. Statistically, most HIV infections occur from people you know and trust.

Humans are emotional creatures, they are looking for happiness and sometimes in the heat of the moment we don’t make wise decisions. Taking a prep pill not only prevents me from getting infected, but it makes it easier for anyone who has it.

I doubt I would have ever had sex with a POZ man before PREP. It's actually safe, considering men who say they're negative often don't know their condition and their virus levels are dangerously high. While men of poise who know their condition and are in treatment can have a detectable level.

You always have a hot summer when you catch someone or take a date. If someone infects you during the day, and you go to the doctor for a checkup next week, your results may not show up.

So go and examine yourself, ask about PREP and see if it’s right for you. Or at least there is a PIP kit if an accident occurs. Keep to yourself, this is the time to be an AIDS-free race. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about PEP I am happy to answer and give you the answer according to my own vision.

come on. And happy pride!

[If you want to connect with Joel, find him on Twitter @joelalcaraz92]

In issue: ACA and HMO

For a while now, Obama's plans have been here in Boko Haram (and seemingly everywhere). built up In the HMO chassis:

"One way carriers have found a way to reduce their costs is to offer an ever-expanding network"

And with HMO if you’re out of the network, you’re not unlucky either.

So recently, I had a problem with one of my ACA clients:

"I had a lot of serious medical problems, and almost no provider who could help me. For example, I have raised some thyroid problems over and over again, and only the nearest endocrinologist sees only diabetes. Plus, my primary care certificate isn't even on the network. Help ?! "

We talked for a while, and agreed that there weren’t many options, except that I get to the rap of our careers (I know the careers here because they didn’t do anything wrong, it’s pure that the frustration of this model Express, which ACA basically runs).

To his credit, I quickly received the following answer:

"After some investigation, it appears that the injured person is OK: the nearest provider to this zip code depends on [Diabetes Center]. But I also found:

[Alternate provider who appears to handle thryoid cases]

While this provider is a bit far-fetched, he is the only other endocrinologist to appear on the network.

Members are welcome to reach out to customer service and request services from a non-network provider, but they do not live up to expectations: we have had a similar situation in the past months and have not been approved. "

My client had decided no Favorites:

"Wow … I'm not inside [that] Area. It’s 20 miles from my home, which I’m not comfortable with walking this far. They are not even close to hospitals I would need to use them if I have another issue"

As I pointed out, there is nothing in the ACA that requires carriers to create a factor of convenience when setting up a network. This is exacerbated by the fact that we have hospital competition in this market (as in others, of course), and this creates additional issues.

From our answer:

"As for the primary care provider, it seems that they are independent and do not own any system. With these plans, [[[[Hospital system] Especially the provider is the network, they provide [us] With a list of suppliers who are part of their contract. In other words, we do not contract outside of the list of suppliers provided to us by the Contracting Facility"

The key there is to keep the trucker's hands tied. To make matters worse, she has already met her annual discount for 2020, so moving on to another career (even if it was an option, which is not really the case) would be another disaster.

#ObamaCrap FTW.

Strange math: Very little meaning, ACA-syle

So, the next day, another Twitter Spy:

"The ACA market placement plan is likely to reduce the number of subsidized entries in 2020"

That’s right, I’ll eat: what pays?

Well, it looks like, across the board, the 2020 Obama Plan Premiums Slightly lower than last year.

That’s right, Henry, this seems like good news for people who are stuck with them, why the hot face?

Well, that's because the premium is reduced, so the insurer has to pay more.


I know, it's weird, but bear with me here. First, let's take a look at the cost of exchange-based Obama plans:

One goes to the 404Care.gov site, sets up an account, and determines the subsidy eligibility. It is important to note that there really is Two very different Types of Subsidies: The one that everyone knows about, which is the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC), and the one that seems to always be under everyone's radar: Cost Sharing (CSR). We'll focus on the former, because that's where Twitter Spiral 2 comes in.

Once the subsidy capability has been determined, the next step is to click on the pricing engine, which provides a “menu” of different carriers and plans, complete with. two Prices for each plan: "Retail" (no premium credit, so full cost) and "subsidy" (where APTC applies and you see how much the plan will cost each month). There’s a little more to it, but it sets the stage a lot.

The (online) dictionary defines it as "anti":In contrast to what an awareness might cause one to expect"

and so?

So the downside to the “subsidy matrix” is that, contrary to what one might expect, when the premium cut down, Monthly insurance subsidy Increases.

say what?

It shows that "Low premium levels have reduced premium spreads for subsidized individuals. The spread of low premiums means that subsidized individuals will face higher insurance."


(If you're interested in the mechanism of how it works, Did Click through the related article)

With more headlines under the rabbit hole, I thought just about how many people might really be affected. Our friend Charles Gabba came to us:

"About 84% of people with ACA plans receive a Premium Tax Credit (APTC). This is 9.59 million out of 11.41 million nationally"

So more than 8 out of 10 Obama plan supporters receive a premium subsidy. Wow, that's one very much Of the people who may feel extra pain this year (at least in premium terms).

So here's the 64,000 question:

How will this affect all the people who are now receiving premium reduction due to CV-19 as per the plan?

/ Gulp

Corruption, chaos and insurance: what pays? [UPDATED]

Given the current situation, it is worth reviewing the post we did half a decade ago when Baltimore fell into the fire. The next question, as it is now, is whether the probability of property destruction will be covered by an insurance. Of course, this becomes a bit more focused, as coverage will vary slightly with local and policy b. I joined FoIB (and P&C Guru). Bill M., Someone reminded me that one important difference is related to the difference between terrorism (generally excluded) and civil unrest (generally covered).

He also confirmed that the prospect is under the policies of both homeowners and businesses. As he often instructs us: look out for the best answers.

And beyond that, here is what we wrote in 1515, and which still applies today:

Homes, businesses and cars burned, looted and otherwise damaged, leaving its owners wondering what to expect from insurance payments.

With the help of the Insurance Information Institute (III) has published media advice that confirms, generally speaking, such losses ده A covered incident has been considered, and the claims will be proud of:

"Auto, homeowners, and business insurance policies are generally covered to cover property losses due to corruption and civil strife, as is happening in Baltimore this week … Standard Business Property Insurance Policy Building Structure And provides cover for cover inside"

And for people with business intervention coverage, ”he said.Insurance pays damages when a covered risk forces a business to temporarily close its doors … [and pays] Employees and vendors, not to mention rental and electricity bills"


As always, be sure to check with your carrier to confirm whether or not these details exist. Is, in fact, Covered.

Fresh: People at the Insurance Information Institute (III) currently have the latest information:

"Homeowners' standard approach will be to damage property caused by fire, explosion, gossip or civil unrest, destruction or misconduct. This will include the structure of the home as well as the coverage of any private property"

"Damage to the physical plant of the business and its contents caused by fire, gossip, civil unrest or destruction are covered in the Business Owners Policy (also known as BOP). However, coverings for plate glass windows are often sold separately"

Homeowners Heads & # 039; Above

Many of us have relatives who have been to the nursing home for a long time.

Or, for property planning purposes, keep our home in trust.

Or do a new job in a new city three states away.

Yes, Henry, it happens all the time. What do you mean


A couple in Georgia bought a “Fixer Upper” home that had been renovated by their contractor’s son before their arrest. During this three- to four-month period, they stayed in the apartment. Near the end of the renovation, the house suffered a loss of 18 186,000. The insurance company denied the claim under the Homeowners Policy

All of these examples, both fictional and real-life, are somewhat familiar, and even involved Little to know“Insurance Policy Clause”Accommodation. And what is the only “living space”? “Well, that’s usually the case.”Residence “where” you live.“Well, that’s enough, as long as we all agree on what it means to” stay. ”


Well, when I go to work in the morning for my long, hard 6 minute trip, I may not be home for the next few hours, but I still to stay There. Similarly, when we take a week-long family road trip, we still technically stay there. It becomes one Less Fuzzy for warehousing, but it’s so common that it’s not really an issue.

Such as FoIB (and P&C Guru) Bill M. Guides, we start to get into problems when we look at terms and conditions of ownership.

When we give our home ownership to the Smith Family Trust, even though we are still living (living), we need to notify our insurance company, because Property Changed (although I will note that Danger No, but again, one should never use & # 39; sense & # 39; with & # 39; insurance & # 39; Not to quarrel). When we keep ownership, but really move out and away, it changes the nature of the risk, and we need – you guessed it – to notify our insurance carrier, or at least have a real heart attack with our agent. What They Advising.

What to do no do It is simple that there is no issue or potential problem, because it is one very much It’s easy (and inexpensive) to point it out Before Claims and potential claims

#WordToThe wise